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Cash is King – 6 Tips for Improving Cash Flow

webinarDid you know that many businesses that fail are actually profitable? Poor cash management is the culprit that drains the life out of many successful companies. This course helps you understand the importance and impact of managing cash flow to improve the bottom line. more webinar info

What is Overhead and Where is Profit?

Are you using the information from your financial statements correctly? This session will help you understand the way overhead affects your company profitability.
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How Much Does Your Field Employee Really Cost?

Construction is a labor intensive industry. Even with the modern technical advances, power tools and computers, contractors and subcontractors still need a labor force to build and remodel. And the cost of that labor force might be more than you know. It is crucial for contractors to understand and measure the true costs of sending an employee out in the field. Once determined, the estimator can use that cost rate creating estimates and the accounting/project management department can use the same rate for job costing. This session will teach you how to determine the true cost of field labor. more webinar info

10 Steps to Becoming More Profitable

webinarConstruction industry success is rarely a question of working harder; more often greater success comes from creating appropriate business management systems that will help a contractor manage the office and his jobs more profitably. “Appropriate” is the key term—each contractor’s needs vary. In this session, contractors will be given a roadmap—10 steps—to help them evaluate, implement, and utilize key construction management systems that, if used correctly, almost always lead to higher profitability and greater peace of mind. more webinar info

How Overhead Affects Profit

webinarLeslie Shiner and Don Jackson on why you can’t make profit if you don’t know your overhead.
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