Free Valuable Tools

Most people find these tools to be very valuable. Most consultants charge for these tools. We don’t.

Simple Labor Burden Calculator

Do you know how much it really costs to put your employee in the field? This simple spreadsheet is designed to help you determine the true costs of your field labor. Simply fill out the fields highlighted in yellow to determine the hourly cost of your production labor.

For a more complete spreadsheet, that allows entry of up to 10 employees, and provides summary information, the Labor Burden Calculator can be purchased for an additional fee. Use this valuable tool to set billing rates, establish pricing strategies, and make sure you are not only covering the costs of employees, but making a profit as well.

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Sample Flash Report

Use this Sample Flash Report to see a snapshot of where you are and what items need your attention. Simply enter data in the fields highlighted in yellow to create your own Flash Report For a more complex Executive Dashboard, that provides guidelines and full instructions, contact The ShinerGroup for pricing information.

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Job Costing in QuickBooks for Contractors

This free PowerPoint walks you through the information you need to manage your jobs and produce accurate reports in QuickBooks. Topics include:

  • Best practices for items and classes
  • Managing vendors, including tracking certificates, purchase orders, and bill paying
  • Using payroll for accurate job costing
  • Job analysis through contractor reports
  • Let’s WIP your company into shape!

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