We can provide QuickBooks solutions to meet your unique needs, answer specific questions, or conduct one-on-one or group training sessions — remotely or in your office.

“With your help I have been able to accurately price jobs, make more money and save time in estimating, paying bills, tracking invoices, PO’s, etc. You are a very good QuickBooks teacher!
Thank you.”

– Michael Leshner, President, STO Sound & Vision

Remote File Review and Assessment Report

QuickBooks is an excellent tool for job cost accounting and project management.  But it must be set up and maintained correctly to provide the information needed to run a construction or custom installation company effectively.

This service provides an assessment of your QuickBooks data file.  You will receive a comprehensive report that reviews your financial set-up and provides recommendations. Our clients benefit from this service because it helps them determine how to use QuickBooks to better manage their company.You will learn how to utilize your QuickBooks data to evaluate profitability of the different profit centers of your company.The Remote File Review and Assessment program starts with you uploading a backup of your file to a secure site.  We will evaluate the data and create a printed assessment document for your review. This detailed document includes recommendations for your company as well as best practices. The service is limited to a review of your file followed by a written assessment of findings and suggestions. No changes will be made to your file.

“Of all the money I have spent over the last fifteen years on financial consultants, none has been as useful as what we spent to get your assessment done.”

-Mark P. DiPietro, President, Custom Home Integrations, Mooresville, NC

The assessment covers the relevant entries from the following list:

  • Chart of Accounts setup
  • Items list contents
  • Use of Class tracking
  • Entering of transactions associated with production
  • Entering of transactions associated with overhead expenses
  • Use of Timesheet
  • Use of Estimates
  • Generation of invoices
  • Handling of Customer Deposits
  • Handling of Change Orders
  • Usefulness/completeness of various Job Cost Reports
  • Accuracy of posting procedures as observed in P&L
  • Asset and Loan setup
  • Any other function as requested by client

The Fractional CFO – Steps to Better Financial Management

The ShinerGroup offers a Fractional CFO program to improve your financial management which includes a monthly remote meeting (approximately 2-3 hours.) During these meetings, we will review your Financial Statements, analyze your profitability, and improve your processes. Our clients appreciate this because as small businesses, they cannot afford (nor need) a full time CFO. Yet, the CFO function is a crucial function in any small business. We meet monthly, quarterly or yearly, all done remotely.

Some of the topics covered include:

  1. Analyze trended Profit and Loss Statement
  2. Evaluate profitability, gross and net
  3. Evaluate overhead and markup
  4. Review fully burdened labor costs
  5. Review process for job costing process for labor and materials
  6. Analyze Business Plan, review Mission Statement and Vision Statement
  7. Perform ratio analysis
  8. Create operating budgets
  9. Create Key Performance Indicators (KPI) metrics specific to your company
  10. Review internal controls
  11. Create and manage a cash flow projection
  12. Investigate productivity reports and charge-out rates
  13. Measure and analyze nonproductive time
  14. Reconcile your books to latest tax return

Benefit: This ongoing service provides:

  • Better manage your business using the numbers
  • Learn what you are doing right and what can be improved
  • Produce correct and meaningful financial statements
  • Produce correct and meaningful job cost reports
  • Know where the numbers are coming from and understand what your reports are saying
  • Determine path to increased profitability and measure progress along that path

Individual Consulting

For individual QuickBooks consulting information, please refer to the
Individual Consulting page.