“I want to thank you for your course on Managing and Mitigating Risk in the Estimation. Of the four solid days of instruction I received that week, the afternoon I spent in your class was by far the best. The content you presented will have an immediate impact on how we go after projects both large and small and I am confident we will improve our profits by applying the principals and techniques offered in the class. The passion you bring to the classroom was infectious, and I will definitely recommend your course for additional members of our sales and management team. Thank you again.” – Rick Tremble, Valley Communications Systems Inc.


“I would really like to thank you for the great presentation you put on yesterday. I was amazed at the way you made things easy to understand and equally amazed at the amount of information you presented in the two hours. I am just starting out in the wiring business and your advice will help me greatly.” – Greg Stinson, Wiring Solutions


“Thanks for your awesome classes this week. For whatever it’s worth, you had the best 2 classes I attended…..and I’m a builder with only a few college courses in accounting…..we aren’t even supposed to like anything but building, hunting, and drinking! Thanks again for the chocolate and the quality and entertaining presentation skills you have!”Tom Nail


“I attended you class at the ADI expo recently. I have attended several classes at ADI expos over the years, and yours was probably the most valuable.” – Marty P


“While at ADI’s Expo in Vancouver I sat in on your seminar (by accident) and, although I do not have an accounting background, found it to be very informative and actually quite interesting. I am positive our company would benefit from your wisdom and ideas.” – Cappy Haluss, Watchdog Loss Prevention


“Leslie is a fantastic presenter – humorous, knowledgeable and passionate. I learned a lot! This was worth the price of a 4-day admission on its own. She clearly knows our industry to a ‘T'” – Attendee, JLC Live


“Just wanted to thank you for a great seminar! It was one of those days that made my trip well worth the journey to JLC. Thanks again.” – Jason Nigro, K & J Contracting


“The classes that you recently presented were such an eye opening experience that I encourage everyone to invest some time in yourself, in your staff…… don’t miss these classes. I challenge anyone to take a class from Leslie and not learn something.” – Shannon Hall, AAA Fence