“I want to thank you for your course on Managing and Mitigating Risk in the Estimation. Of the four solid days of instruction I received that week, the afternoon I spent in your class was by far the best. The content you presented will have an immediate impact on how we go after projects both large and small and I am confident we will improve our profits by applying the principals and techniques offered in the class. The passion you bring to the classroom was infectious, and I will definitely recommend your course for additional members of our sales and management team. Thank you again.”
-Rick Tremble, Valley Communications Systems Inc.

“I would really like to thank you for the great presentation you put on yesterday. I was amazed at the way you made things easy to understand and equally amazed at the amount of information you presented in the two hours. I am just starting out in the wiring business and your advice will help me greatly.”
-Greg Stinson, Wiring Solutions

“Thanks for your awesome classes this week. For whatever it’s worth, you had the best 2 classes I attended…..and I’m a builder with only a few college courses in accounting…..we aren’t even supposed to like anything but building, hunting, and drinking! Thanks again for the chocolate and the quality and entertaining presentation skills you have!”
-Tom Nail

“I attended you class at the ADI expo recently. I have attended several classes at ADI expos over the years, and yours was probably the most valuable.”
-Marty P

“While at ADI’s Expo in Vancouver I sat in on your seminar (by accident) and, although I do not have an accounting background, found it to be very informative and actually quite interesting. I am positive our company would benefit from your wisdom and ideas.”
-Cappy Haluss, Watchdog Loss Prevention

“Leslie is a fantastic presenter – humorous, knowledgeable and passionate. I learned a lot! This was worth the price of a 4-day admission on its own. She clearly knows our industry to a ‘T’ ”
-Attendee, JLC Live

“Just wanted to thank you for a great seminar! It was one of those days that made my trip well worth the journey to JLC. Thanks again.”
-Jason Nigro, K & J Contracting

“The classes that you recently presented were such an eye opening experience that I encourage everyone to invest some time in yourself, in your staff…… don’t miss these classes. I challenge anyone to take a class from Leslie and not learn something.”
-Shannon Hall, AAA Fence

“With your help I have been able to accurately price jobs, make more money and save time in estimating, paying bills, tracking invoices, PO’s, etc. You are a very good QB teacher! Thank you.”
-Michael Leshner, President, STO Sound & Vision

“Melanie is a godsend to our company and worth every dime. Thank you for everything you are all doing to help us sort out our QuickBooks issues.”