Systems Integrators

The residential technology and commercial electronic systems industry has very unique needs when it comes to financials management. Your business shares the needs of three different types of companies. Similar to a builder or remodeler, you need to create proposals, track job costs, and manage productivity. As you bring inventory into your own business to rack and program, you have the same issues and needs that a typical manufacturer has. And as you purchase equipment at a wholesale cost and sell it at a retail price, you have the issues and needs similar to that of a retailer.

The ShinerGroup understands the unique financial management needs of this industry like no other. We can assist you as you face the challenges of managing small or large projects, service work, recurring revenue, customer deposits and other issue specific to this industry niche.

The ShinerGroup knows this industry in and out. We specialize in this market and have the answers to the questions you ask:

  • How do I job cost all my projects?
  • How do I determine the true cost of my labor?
  • How should I track inventory that I buy for a specific job but haven’t installed?
  • How do I track consumables?
  • What metrics should I use to create accurate staffing levels?
  • How can I track my margins when jobs have such a long time frame?
  • How do I price a service contract agreement?

Look to this industry advisor to help you gain control of your financials and improve your process and create profitability.

CEDIA Fellow

Leslie was only the 2nd woman to be honored as a CEDIA Fellow, handpicked by the CEDIA Board of Directors as an Industry Visionary Leader. The CEDIA Fellows represent a group of individuals who have helped shape the industry and significantly contributed to the association’s success.

The Industry’s Visionary Leaders

The “DR. IS IN” Articles

Leslie has written several articles which focus on the numbers behind running your custom integration company. These articles use simple English to explain the concepts behind the financials. Topics include: