Contractors and Subcontractors

We specialize in companies that need specific job costing tools, project management tracking and other financial requirements to improve profitability. We provide top-level financial and management consulting for the construction industry helping businesses maximize profits and gain financial control.  As a business coach, we have worked with both small and large businesses to help them better understand their business practices and maximize their profits.

The ShinerGroup knows construction in and out. We specialize in this market and have the answers to the questions you ask:

  • How much money am I making in my company and on each job?
  • Where am I making money and where am I losing money?
  • What metrics do I need to manage job profitability and company success
  • How can I improve profitability?

Look to this industry advisor to help you gain control of your financials and improve your process and create profitability.

We firmly believe training and education is instrumental in the growth and success of those in the contracting field. Leslie Shiner is also the author of numerous publications including A Simple Guide to Turning a Profit as a Contractor.